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I’m still alive!

Judging from this server’s stats, I don’t get a ton of people checking out the site, but I wanted to make a post on here so that anyone who does come here can be assured I’m still here. I’m basically trying to figure out what to post on here.

I may have new studio space soon, which will mean that I’ll be working on my music and DJing again so maybe that’s what will show up. Then again I’ve been working on a lot of things in the VOIP industry… While I can’t post articles about what I’m doing for my employer, I could post some tidbits about VOIP and it’s related software and whatnot.

Of course, I’ve got a lot of hobbies… I could start posting articles about scale modelling, RC flight (currently airplanes and drones), cutting/brazing/welding metal (teaching myself, so that should be funny to read), or even my motorcycle projects…

Maybe I should just start posting here in general and let the categorization functionality of the site help people to see what they want… Or I could go back to being a digital hermit….

One important note: If you’re a fan of my DJ work, I will absolutely be releasing a few new mixes as soon as I get the new studio set up. I’m thinking within a month or so…

Anyway…. I’m alive… I will try to post more…


Stay weird my friends

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